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We at Bhutan Gateway Travels arrange exclusive trips in Bhutan for people from all around the world. We are a Bhutan travel company specializing in Bhutan cultural tours, easy Himalayan mountain trekking, colorful festival tours, exhilarating biking tours, and scenic nature day-hike tours. Please browse our site, and you will find many itineraries to choose from. Or we can customize your itinerary based on your bucket list of activities.

Bhutan’s high-altitude beauty is unmatched, and its peaceful folk, tradition-steeped way of life, and pristine environment are almost nonexistent elsewhere in the world. The government of Bhutan wants to keep the country this way and therefore has created certain guidelines for tourism–such as fixing the tour rate and requiring tourists to have a guided tour–which all tour operators must follow. Though the restrictions may seem tight, you will find that the all-inclusive prearranged package and the convenience of having a guide and driver will allow you to focus on your journey through shangri-la, while Bhutan Gateway Tours take care of all the details.

We make a special effort to assist our clients in all facets of trip arrangement, from choosing dates, to designing an itinerary, to offering travel tips. All of your Bhutan logistics will be taken care of, including all trekking supplies and details. Whether you are on a trekking or a sightseeing tour, we do our best to make sure you get delicious meals, comfortable quarters, an affable and knowledgeable guide, and a good night’s rest, all while getting a glimpse of the heart of Bhutan. Our goal is to have you learn something about the country and the lifestyle of the people, visit significant sights, relax and take in the elegant mountainous surroundings, and come away with the sense that you’ve had an adventure of a lifetime.