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The only international airport in Bhutan is at Paro and it is called Paro International Airport. It has connecting flights from various cities such as Bangkok, Nepal, Delhi, Kolkatta, Singapore and Baghdora. It has direct flights to all the above countries and cities.

There are only two airline services. Druk Air – Royal Bhutan Airlines and Bhutan Airlines (Tashi Air Private Limited).

Druk Air is a state-owned flight operation, the oldest airline service in Bhutan and Bhutan Airlines is a privately owned company.

Both the airlines have experienced pilots and operated under stringent regulation regulated by the aviation’s authority.

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For the international sector, it is always cheaper to buy the tickets by yourself from the country of your origin. For the inbound travel and exit from Bhutan, we will facilitate the ticketing on the actual cost.

Please note: Ticket cost to Bhutan is bit pricy as compared to international flight. This is mainly due to the limited number of flights and high cost of managing safety and fleet of ground operations.

FAQ related to visa

Your visa will be taken care by Bhutan Gateway Travel. You are requested to email us a clear valid passport with validity of six months or more prior to your visit to Bhutan.

Once approved, Bhutan Gateway Travel will email you the electronic visa (e-visa) approved by the Department of Immigration. You will print and hand carry a copy of the approved e-visa.

In case of emergency, based on the merit of the case, we will pursue with the relevant authority and get it extended. However, under normal circumstances, it is not possible to get the visa extended.

Three to five government working days.

FAQ related to SDF

The new SDF of US$100 per person per day will become effective from 1 September 2023.

The new SDF shall remain effective for four years until 31 August 2027.

Any guest who already paid the SDF for their upcoming visit to Bhutan is eligible for a refund of the excess SDF amounts paid.

When applying for a visa to enter Bhutan, you will need to pay the SDF. Visas can be applied for at the Department of Tourism’s website.

No, the incentives introduced in June 2023 have been revoked and are no longer applicable. However, the 24-hour SDF waiver for border towns in Bhutan remains valid.