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We at Bhutan Gateway Travel arrange exclusive trips in Bhutan for people from all around the world. We specialize in Bhutan cultural tours, mountain trekking, colorful festival tours, exhilarating biking tours, and scenic nature day-hike tours. Please browse our site, and you will find many itineraries to choose from. Or you can design your own trip to Bhutan and customize your itinerary as you desire.

All tour operators provide standard itinerary, however; bespoke customized itineraries provide the best value and satisfaction based on individual interests and preferences. Bespoke itineraries can be mix of visits – Trek & Cultural, Cultural & Hikes, exclusive Trek, exclusive hike, exclusive festival etc.

We recommend our guests to provide their interests and preferences. Accordingly, we will customize and prepare the best travel itinerary which can guarantee value adding activities and value to every single penny paid for the trip.

However, we have choice of travel itineraries highly recommended by our clients!

The choice travel itineraries are listed under different categories.

Luxury Tours

blacked nacked crane

Photography Tours

culture dance

Cultural Tours

bhutanese festival mask dance

Festival Tours

bhutanese culture living

Traditional/Village Home Stays Tours

trekking tour

Trekking Tours

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Biking Tours

flights in bhutan

Bespoke Tours

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